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Discover the Hidden Gems of Northern St. Lucia with Iyanola Tours

Experience Authentic St. Lucia Beyond the Usual Tourist Trails

Explore the true essence of Northern St. Lucia with Iyanola Tours, offering you a unique opportunity to uncover the lesser-seen areas of our beautiful island. Understand the local way of life while enjoying stunning landscapes and rich historical sites on either the outgoing or return leg of your journey.

Your Adventure Begins at South

Board our comfortable bus at South, ready for an unforgettable day. Our first stops will be some of the island’s most captivating photo spots, perfect for capturing the beauty of St. Lucia. Immerse yourself in our history as you listen to stories that shaped our island.

Visit the Historical Pigeon Island National Landmark

A highlight of our tour is the visit to the Pigeon Island National Landmark. This historical site was once the focal point of the fierce battles between the French and British for control over St. Lucia. Explore the remnants of this historic fort, and perhaps take a refreshing swim at its base. Afterward, savor a delicious local lunch nearby, enjoying the flavors of St. Lucia.

Drive Through the Heart of Castries

As we journey back, we’ll drive through the vibrant city of Castries. Here, you’ll have a chance to stop for souvenirs at the bustling Castries market or indulge in some duty-free shopping. It’s the perfect way to pick up a memento of your incredible day.

Tour Details

  • Price: US$140.00 per person (minimum 8 guests)
  • Included: All entrance fees, lunch, and drinks
  • Take Along: Sunscreen, swimwear, cash, cap/hat, ID/details, and flight copy for duty-free shopping (optional)

For an authentic and enriching experience of Northern St. Lucia, join us at Iyanola Tours.

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